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Maricopa County Tobacco Use Prevention Program

A biweekly newsletter for Maricopa County Local Projects.

VOL. 3 NO. 1 March 13, 2000

Annual tobacco-attributable mortality is expected to increase from three million deaths in 1990 to 8.4 million in 2020, with almost all of this annual increase (4.7 million out of 5.4 million deaths) expected to occur in developing countries.

-The Global Burden of Disease, Christopher Murray and Alan Lopez, Harvard University Press, 1996, p. 317

March Coalition Meetings

March 13 - Monday

3:30-5 PM ToRev - Tobacco Revolutionists

Western Maricopa County Tobacco Prevention Project

Contact: Booker Henry, 623-935-4250

March 15 - Wednesday Cancelled

3:30-5 PM South Central Phoenix Tobacco Use Prevention Project

Contact: Genoveva Bueno, 602- 344-8941

March 16 - Thursday

9-11 AM Tobacco Lifelong Challenge Project

Contact: Cathy Griffith, 602-246-8049

March 21 - Tuesday

9:30-11 AM Mesa Partnership for Tobacco-Free Youth & Community

Contact: Johnna Switzer, 480-461-6256

March 31 - Friday

8:30-10:30 AM Northern Maricopa Partnership for Tobacco Free Communities

Contact: Lanae Gwilliam, 602-246-2595

Upcoming Trainings & Meetings:

Please share with coalition members

March 15 (Wednesday)

CTFA Quarterly Meeting

Location: Halle Heart Center, 2929 S. 48th St, Tempe

Contact: David Willoughby, ACS, 602-553-7129

March 16-17 (Thursday-Friday)

Cessation Specialist Certification Training

Location: Phoenix

Cost: Free

Contact: Mitchell Harris, APRC, 480-727-2772

March 20 (Monday)

10am-Noon Basic Service 3 Meeting, Cessation Providers

Location: Mesa Partnership for Tobacco-Free Youth and Community

Contact: Ali Kamen, 602-506-6769

March 27 (Monday)

9:30-2:30pm Teen Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Location: Tucson, Cholla High School

Contact: John, Tobacc- Free Ways, 520-740-3909 or

Katra, Full Court Press, 520-884-8820 or

March 28 (Tuesday)

12:30-5pm Tobacco 102

Location: Halle Heart Center

Cost: Free

Contact: Jennifer Forbes, 602-506-3047

March 30-31 (Thursday-Friday) & April 14 (Friday)

Technology of Participation: Facilitation Methods

Cost: Free

Location: Phoenix, Community Forum

Contact: David Phelan, 602-223-4117 *participants should plan on attending all 3 days

April 6-7 (Thursday-Friday)

TEG/TAP Tobacco Education Group/Tobacco Awareness Program

Cost: $395

Location: Phoenix

To register contact: Shawn, Community Intervention, 800-328-0417 or

April 10 (Monday)

8am-Noon Basic Service 2 Meeting, Prevention Providers

Location: Banner Health, 1441 N. 12th St., Phoenix, AZ, Board Room A

Contact: Ali Kamen, 602-506-6769

(Business-professional dress required)

April 11-12 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

ACTEV Tobacco Cessation in School Systems

Location: Tucson

Cost: Free

Contact: Audrey Avant, APRC, 480-727-2772

April 13 (Thursday)

11:30-1:30pm Basic Service 1 Meeting, Community Coordinator Committee (C3)

Location: Mesa, TBA

Contact: Alaina Liu, 602-506-5783

April 19-20 (Wednesday-Thursday)

Increasing Understanding: Communication in a Multicultural World

Location: Phoenix

Cost: $60, $35 for PeopleLinks

Contact: Sharon Ketchum, APRC, 480-727-2772

April 20 (Thursday)

ATIN Bulk Selection Committee Meeting

Location: ASU, Downtown Phoenix

Contact: Patrick Conrow, APRC, 480-727-2772

April 26-27 (Wednesday-Thursday)

ACTEV Tobacco Cessation in School Systems

Location: Flagstaff

Cost: Free

Contact: Audrey Avant, APRC, 480-727-2772

May 10-11 (Wednesday-Thursday)

ACTEV Tobacco Cessation in School Systems

Location: Phoenix

Cost: Free

Contact: Audrey Avant, APRC, 480-727-2772

Out of State Conferences

August 6-10, 2000, (Sunday-Thursday) Initial Registration Materials available January 2000

11th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health Early registration begins March 2000.

"United in Health, Promoting A Future Without Tobacco"

Location: Chicago, IL

Contact: Anne Jenkins, 312-464-5159 or E-mail:

September 17-22 (Sunday-Thursday)

Tobacco Use Prevention Training Institute (formerly the Summer Institute)

Location: Denver, CO

Contact: Ginger Morgan, 919-966-0973 or

Community Events

March 23 (Thursday)

NMP Youth Summit

Location: Midwestern University

Contact: Brad Gebhart, 602-246-2595

April 1-2 (Saturday-Sunday)

Womens Expo

Location: Phoenix Civic Plaza

Contact: Jennifer Forbes, 602-506-3047

April 5 (Wednesday)

3pm-8pm Kick Butts Day at Castles N ' Coasters

Location: Phoenix, Castles N ' Coasters

Contact: Brad Gebhart, 602-246-2595

April 5 (Wednesday)

10am-12:30pm Tobacco: The Musical

Location: Tempe Town Lake

Contact: Sue Sisley, MD, 602-239-6977

April 8 (Saturday)

10am-2pm Healthy Kids Day

Location: Mesa YMCA, 207 N. Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201

Contact: Jen Kaddi, YMCA, 480-827-4113

April 8 (Saturday)

7-11am Bike Festival

Location: Tempe Museum and Library Complex, 3500 S. Rural Road, Tempe

Contact: Sue Taaffe, City of Tempe, 480-350-8663

April 8 (Saturday)

9am-1:30pm 2nd Annual Coaches Symposium

Location: Arizona State University, Murdock Hall

Cost: Free to all coaches

Contact: Renae Rosales, ATIN Training Coordinator, at (480) 727-2772

May 2000 (times and dates vary)

Artists Resisting Tobacco (A.R.T.) Show

Opening night festivities include a silent auction and reception.

Location: Cave Creek Fine Arts Center

Contact: Brad Gebhart, 602-246-2595


Kick Butts Day 2000 - April 5, 2000

Kick Butts Day is the day America's kids stand up to tobacco and America's adults stand up for kids. On Kick Butts Day, students across the country organize a variety of activities to expose and counter the tobacco industry's powerful promotional strategies aimed at youth. Start planning your Kick Butts Day activities today. Look at the Campaigns web site at


Arizona Tobacco Tax Funded Local Projects and Subcontractors are eligible to participate in Arizona's TEPPNET Listserv. Here devoted tobacco enthusiasts can share information pertaining to tobacco use in Arizona. There is no charge for this service. If you are not yet participating in this discussion group and would like to, contact your Local Project staff for an application or call Alaina Liu, 602-506-5783.


Do you want to be certified in ACTEV's Basic Tobacco Cessation Certification? If you said "YES", contact Ali Kamen at MACTUPP, 602-506-6769 to find out when the next Basic Certification is being offered!

Share your ideas, events and successes with other Maricopa County Local Projects