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Maricopa County Tobacco Use Prevention Program


A biweekly newsletter for Maricopa County Local Projects.


VOL. 7 NO. 1                                                  July 3, 2000


If a woman is trying to quit smoking, timing is everything. A University of Pittsburgh study found that women who quit smoking during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle (Days 1-14) experienced far less severe symptoms of tobacco withdrawal and depression than women who quit during the luteal phase (Day 15 or later). Researchers speculate the difference could be due to the menstrual cycle’s hormonal changes and their influence on mood.

-Arizona Republic, June 19, 2000



July Coalition Meetings


July 6 – Thursday

3-5 PM                  Tempe, Ahwatukee, Guadalupe Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition

                                        Contact:     Manny Cisneros, 480-839-2926


July 10 - Monday

3:30-5 PM                 ToRev - Tobacco Revolutionists

                                        Western Maricopa County Tobacco Prevention Project               

                              Contact:     Booker Henry, 623-935-4250


July 12 - Wednesday

3:30-5 PM             South Central Phoenix Tobacco Use Prevention Project

                              Contact:     Genoveva Bueno, 602- 344-8941


July 14 - Friday

9-11 AM               Southeast Valley Tobacco Use Prevention Project

                              Contact:     Connie Weare, 480-649-7877


Upcoming Trainings & Meetings:

Please share with coalition members


July 17 (Monday)

2-4:00 pm      Basic Service 3: Cessation Meeting

                        Location:        Maricopa Department of Public Health

                                                1845 East Roosevelt Conference rooms A and B

                        Contact:   Ali Kamen, 602-506-6769


July 18 (Tuesday)

5:30-7:00 pm   Phoenix Alliance Against Drugs (first “reinitiating” meeting)

                        Location:        Phoenix College

                        Contact:          Mo Domogala at 602-364-2237


July 24 (Monday)

9-12:00 pm    Basic Service 2: Prevention Meeting

                        Location:        TBD

                        Contact:          Jennifer Forbes at 602-506-3047


July 26 (Wednesday)

9-4:00 pm      ALA Freedom from Smoking: Adult Facilitator Training

                        Location:        Tucson ALA at 2819 E. Broadway Blvd.

                        Contact:          Nancy Moyer, 520-323-1812

                        Cost:               $300 (includes lunch, refreshments, and materials)


July 27 (Thursday)

9-4:00 pm      ALA Not On Tobacco (NOT): Youth Facilitator Training

                        Location:        Tucson ALA at 2819 E. Broadway Blvd.

                        Contact:          Nancy Moyer, 520-323-1812

                        Cost:               $300 (includes lunch, refreshments, and materials)


August 23 (Wednesday)

11:30-1:30 pm Basic Service 1: Community Planning Meeting (C3)

                        Location:        The Olive Garden at 75th Avenue/Thomas

                        Contact:          Alaina Liu at 602-506-5783


Out of State Conferences

August 6-10, 2000, (Sunday-Thursday)      

11th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health             

“United in Health, Promoting A Future Without Tobacco”

Location: Chicago, IL

Contact: Anne Jenkins, 312-464-5159 or E-mail:


September 17-22 (Sunday-Thursday)

Tobacco Use Prevention Training Institute (formerly the Summer Institute)

Location: Denver, CO

Contact: Ginger Morgan, 919-966-0973 or

Information is online at


March 23-35, 2001 (Friday-Sunday)

Mark Your Calendar!

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, 7th Annual Meeting

Location: Seattle, WA

Contact: TBD


Community Events                    





Arizona Tobacco Tax Funded Local Projects and Subcontractors are eligible to participate in Arizona’s TEPPNET Listserv.  Here devoted tobacco enthusiasts can share information pertaining to tobacco use in Arizona. There is no charge for this service. If you are not yet participating in this discussion group and would like to, contact your Local Project staff for an application or call Alaina Liu, 602-506-5783.



Do you want to be certified in ACTEV’s Basic Tobacco Cessation Certification?  If you said “YES”, contact Ali Kamen at MACTUPP, 602-506-6769 to find out when the next Basic Certification is being offered!


Share your ideas, events and successes with other Maricopa County Local Projects


Recognize your coalition members and volunteers

Highlight community happenings

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Recognize youth advocates and peer leaders

Share interesting resources and websites

Upcoming events


Please submit items to be included in the next MACTUPPdate by Wednesday, July 12, to Alaina Liu, 602-506-5783 phone, 602-506-6896 fax, or e-mail: