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Prevention Education
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Youth Survey

Through classroom presentations, small group sessions and club sponsorship, SEVTUPP Counselors teach students about the chemicals found in tobacco, media's socializing influence on youth, and the harmful effects of tobacco on one's health.

Elementary School

Counselors provided by the East Valley Addiction Council (EVAC) are presenting 60 hours of Tobacco Prevention Education to youth in grades K-6.  Curricula covers health maintenance, resistance skills, and tobacco awareness.

The Southeast Valley Tobacco Use Prevention Project also provides technical assistance, training and support to teachers who utilize the CHAMPS:  Children Have And Maintain Positive Peer Skills Curriculum with grades 4 through 6.  The CHAMPS curriculum is designed to develop leadership skills and promote healthy self-esteem while utilizing peer-lead activities with upper level elementary students.

Junior High School/Middle School

SEVTUPP Counselors provide classroom presentations, small group sessions and club sponsorship to students focusing on Tobacco Prevention Education and Cessation Support.

Counselors have established a non-threatening, supportive environment on each campus for students who seek help with their own tobacco dependence, as well as for those who are concerned about the tobacco usage of their peers and relatives.

Curricula topics include chemical content of tobacco, media manipulation, the cycle of addiction, the brain and lungs response to nicotine and tar, conflict resolution, and various other tobacco-related subjects taught across the existent academic curriculum .

High School

Counselors provided by EMPACT provide on-site tobacco prevention education and cessation services to young adults struggling with nicotine dependence.  Counselors work with mandated and voluntary students to provide an individualized support program.

On-site, lunch hour education classes are offered to students who have been mandated by the school administration for noncompliance with the school's tobacco use policy.  Cessation classes are also available during the academic day for students who are willing to try to relinquish their dependence on nicotine.  General tobacco education presentations are available to classrooms upon request.

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